Ayla Dmyterko

Reverence Relics

Reverence Relics

Stoneware with charcoal glaze, sand & beeswax candles

First revealed in solo exhibition POUR THE FEAR: Solastalgic Synchronicities at Lunchtime Gallery, Glasgow (Scotland). This project is featured in KUBA Paris, Bonn (Germany).

Currently available through Sculpture Placement Group
Documentation of work by Lillian Ross-Millard

A circular vessel sits inside of a container holding sand and lit beeswax candles. Both are made of stoneware with charcoal glaze. The vessel depicts dancers chained to a ring at the top by their hair, while the container reads an incantation for solastalgia.

Reverence Relic I

These stoneware ceramics are vessels of veneration based on forms found in Ukrainian places of prayer. Anachronisms, they warp archeological time initiated by both material and process. They consider Solastalgia, a neologism that describes anxieties related to the accelerated decline of the Earth's ecosystems. The texts scrawled in charcoal glaze are incantations based on the structure of those used in Strakh vylyvaty or pouring forth the fear, a folkloric healing technique used to reduce anxieties, especially those related to land. These are also included in the film Rite of Return.