Ayla Dmyterko

Global Talent VISA

Global Talent Visa

Woven polypropylene mail sack, cotton embroidery thread
105 x 58 cm
2019 - 21

First revealed in solo exhibition POUR THE FEAR: Solastalgic Synchronicities at Lunchtime Gallery, Glasgow (Scotland). This project is featured in KUBA Paris, Bonn (Germany).

An empty grey woven polyrethane Royal Mail sac hangs open. Cross-stitched in hues of red upon it are flowers, waves, and Ukrainian embroidery motifs.

Global Talent VISA

I cross stitch across woven plastic, a sac full of dreams, of old nightmares.

Cross-stitch was taught to me by my mother. In Ukrainian culture, embroidery work is approached with good intentions and calamity of mind; a sentiment that echoes contemporary psychotherapy techniques such as mindfulness. Considering sustainability and the therapeutic qualities of working with textiles, I stitched this work whilst applying for an Exceptionally Promising Global Talent Visa endorsement amidst the Covid-19 lockdowns.