Ayla Dmyterko

Long lines

Long Lines

Dear Applebaum, Bataille, Boym, Demchuk, Fournier, Hirsch & Vidokle
Epistolary holographs in vintage soviet school books

First revealed in solo exhibition POUR THE FEAR: Solastalgic Synchronicities at Lunchtime Gallery, Glasgow (Scotland). This project is featured in KUBA Paris, Bonn (Germany).

Dear Boym is published in The Future Of..., Romania (Bucharest).

Supported by Creative Scotland and the Shevchenko Foundation
Documentation by Lillian Ross-Millard

An opened book reads repetitive lines of: I dissent from a long line of peasant revolt, I come from a long line of contentious kulaks. Holding the pages open are stoneware hollyhocks.

A long line of peasant revolt, a long line of serf struggle, a constellation of contested kulaks

This auto-theoretical epistolary converses with the texts: The Red Famine by Anne Applebaum, Visions of Excess by Georges Bataille, Auto-Theory as Feminist Practice by Dr. Lauren Fournier (who also wrote the exhibition text: Post-Peasant Protest), Rites of Return by Marianne Hirsch (with Nancy K. Miller), the Cosmism reincarnation by Anton Vidokle, and my Ukrainian language instructor, Pony Demchuk.