Ayla Dmyterko

Distance of Sea, of Years

Distance of Sea, of Years

Installation view

Shown at The Glue Factory as part of the Glasgow School of Art MFA Interim Show

Supported by the GSA Mackendrick Painting Award, GSA Access Scholarship, and the Shevchenko Foundation Karabin Award

An installation with paintings, textiles and ladders is shown as a physical collage. The space they sit within is white and lit from above.

Distance of Sea, of Years

This installation visits sites of my family's migration in the early 1900's from Western Ukraine, through the Glasgow Ports, to the Canadian prairies and back through drone footage and google map images.

Beginning within the frame of one archival photograph, the wedding of my ancestors, I was motivated by the process of Memory Work, which I learned about through the Margaret Tait 100 Photography and Memory workshop led by Annette Kuhn at the CCA Glasgow. Investigating archival silences, I activate an auto-theoretical translation of Levi Strauss' definition of bricolage: the collection and arrangement of mythical units left over from previous cultural endeavours. Facsimiles of artefacts pull into question class, gender and proxemics within the canonization of Western contemporary art practices through the workings of a diasporic imagination.