Ayla Dmyterko

You can't catch lost time or the thinning earth.

Have you heard the term enouement? It is the bittersweet feeling of having arrived in the future to see how things turn out without being able to tell your past self.

Like wheat, drop it in the soil, leave it undisturbed and it comes springing up a hundred-fold. So it was in these peasant cultures. But for us to-day the soil is turned over once a week. It must indeed be a terrific hardy seedling that can come to fruition.

Culture is thus something like an onion: an entity made up of many layers. To understand it and the people it represents, one must unravel the layers of cultural symbols one by one.

Ideal is the memory of perfection.

Have you heard the term solastalgia? It is a neologism that describes anxieties related to the accelerated decline of the earth's ecosystems, a singular malady of a much wider spectrum.

Like milk when it turns, like the earth when it turns, like the lies of the land, they turn

You can't salt your kasha with gold.