Ayla Dmyterko


My artworks are anachronisms; I warp time to embrace interstices where we can dream ourselves as one another.

Echoing the fragmentary and porous nature of diasporic imagination, my interdisciplinary practice weaves together remedial forms of moving image, dance, painting, sculpture, textiles and texts. Reactivating and re-embodying cultural memory, poetics of precarity and dissonance expose how traditions exist amidst generational slippage. Drawing upon the vernacular, pre-patriarchal, theoretical, fictional, folkloric, spiritual and tacit, my works disintegrate canonical interpretations of art history, hierarchies of knowledge and forms of artistic labour. Oscillating between reverence and regeneration, I examine spectres of eternal recurrence to understand ways that images and artists are mediums.

2018-20 Glasgow School of Art, Master of Fine Art, Distinction
2012-15 Concordia University, Bachelor of Fine Art (Painting & Printmaking), Distinction
2006-11 University of Regina, Bachelor of Arts Education (Visual Art & Dance), Distinction

Solo Exhibitions
2023 (forthcoming) Galerie Pangée, Montréal, Canada
2022 Solastalgic Inheritance: EU National Institutes of Culture, EU National Institutes of Culture, Goethe-Institute, Glasgow, Scotland
2022 Vyshyvani Kazky, Embroidered Stories, Zalucky Contemporary, Toronto, Canada
2021 Pour the Fear: Solastalgic Synchronicities, Lunchtime Gallery, Glasgow, Scotland
The Tale Began with a Beet (It Must End with The Devil), Projet Pangée, Montréal, Canada

Selected Group Exhibitions
2022 Memory and Labour, ACT Arts Centre, Maple Ridge, Canada
2022 The Grass at Our Feet, VITRINE Gallery, Basel, Switzerland
2022 REVERB, Royal Scottish Academy, Visual Arts Scotland
2022 Happy Tide Will Flood Again, 5 Florence Street, Glasgow, Scotland
2022 Artists for Ukraine, 16 Nicholson Street Gallery, Glasgow, Scotland
2021 Empathy/Empathie: Concordia AHGSA Symposium, Montréal, Canada
2020 Ritual & Lore, Art Gallery of Regina, Canada
2020 Linnen Collection, Regina Performing Arts Centre, Canada
2019 MFA Interim Show: Glue Factory, Glasgow, Scotland
2018 Three Times Removed: Tontine Space, Glasgow, Scotland
2018 Hush Hush: Hague Gallery, Regina, Canada
2015 Intermittence, Gallery Aux Vues: Montréal, Canada

Screenings & Performances
2022 Sometimes Time, Mourning School, Stockholm, Sweden
2022 Our Shape Apparently, Alchemy Film Festival, Hawick, Scotland
2021 Cowlick in a Devil’s Peak, an Evening of Artists' Moving Image, CCA Glasgow, Scotland
2021 And the Land Breathes Back: aCinema, Milwaukee, US
2020 Shifting Hosts, Orbital Moons: MAP Magazine, Glasgow, Scotland
2017 The Candahar by Theo Sims, participated in closing performance by Rebecca Belmore: MacKenzie Art Gallery, Regina, SK, Canada

2022 & History Wails Beneath Us in Language Compendium, 2 Queens Gallery, Leicester, UK
2022 Boym's Berlin in The Future Of…, KAJET Journal, Bucharest, Romania
2021 Eternal Recurrence of Escapist Spectre, Penrose Helix, Plicnik Space, London, UK
2020 Our Ancestors Exist as a Reliquary of Whispers, KAJET Journal, Bucharest, Romania
2019 Distance of Sea, of Years in Chains, CCA Glasgow, Scotland & Kunsthochschule Mainz, Germany

2023 (upcoming) Résidence Pangée, Montréal, Canada
2022 Inshriach Bothy Residency, Cairngorms Forest, Scotland
2021 The Work Room Residency, Tramway, Glasgow
2020 Contemporary Contexts for Yoruba and Ancient Indian Ideas on Space, Creativity and Self led by Dr. Ranjana Thapalyal, Transmission Gallery, Scotland
2019 Margaret Tait Photography and Memory Workshop by Annette Kuhn, CCA Glasgow
2019 De-Localising Dialect, workshop by Maria Fusco, Hunterian Gallery, Glasgow
2016-18 Private Commission, Linnen Collection
2012 Emma Lake Residency, Saskatchewan, Canada

Awards & Commissions
2022 United Nations COP-27 Sculptural Commission
2022 Stephen Palmer Travel Bursary, Creative Scotland
2021 Open Project Funding Recipient: Creative Scotland
2021 Graduate Fellowship, Glasgow Sculpture Studios, Scotland
2021 VACMA Award: Creative Scotland & Glasgow Life
2021 Hope Scott Trust Foundation, Scotland
2021 Eaton Fund, Scotland
2021 Visual Arts Grant, Shevchenko Foundation, Canada
2020 Global Talent Exceptional Promise Endorsement: Arts Council England, UK
2020 Sustainable Practice Award: Glasgow School of Art, Scotland
2019 Karabin Award: Shevchenko Foundation, Canada
2018 Mackendrick Painting Scholarship: Glasgow School of Art, Scotland
2017 Community Leader Award, Seven Stones School, Canada
2016 Painting Commission: Linnen Collection, Canada
2015 Fine Arts Competition: Consulate General of Poland, Canada

Features, Interviews & Reviews
2022 What is Read in the Wax writ. Sam Wesilinski, ReIssue Magazine, Vancouver, Canada
2022 Solastalgic Synchronicities, Art Maze Mag 26th Edition, New York, USA
2022 Vyshyvani Kazky, Embroidered Stories, Art Viewer, Antwerp, Belgium
2022 CONTACT: Vyshyvani Kazky, Embroidered Stories, Art Canada Institute, Toronto
2022 Tell a Tale to be Preserved, writ. Yuri Bilinksy, New Pathway, Toronto, Canada
2021 Pour the Fear exhibition spotlight, KUBA Paris, Bonn, Germany
2020 Certainty and its Refractions in Ayla Dmyterko’s Solastalgic Soliloquy writ. Dr. Ranjana Thapalyal MAP Magazine, CCA Glasgow, Scotland
2020 Interview with Caitlin Merrett King: Young Artists in Conversation, UK
2020 Ritual & Lore, Catalogue & Curatorial Essay writ. Jess Richter published with Canadian National Library Number: Art Gallery of Regina, SK, Canada
2020 Ritual & Lore: Cultural Memories, review writ. Jera MacPherson: Galleries West Magazine, Calgary, Alberta Canada
2016 Art Program Creates Sense of Belonging for Immigrant & Refugee Women, RLIP, Regina, Canada
2015 The Tale Began with a Beet (It Must End with the Devil): Le Vadrouilleur Urbain, Arts Visuels, Montréal, Canada & Paris, France

Artist Talks
2022 Zalucky Contemporary & University of Toronto, Canada
2021 Glasgow School of Art, Scotland
2020 Ritual & Lore Exhibition, Art Gallery of Regina, Canada
2020 Group Show, Subcity Radio, Glasgow, Scotland
2016 The Candahar Series, MacKenzie Art Gallery, Regina, Canada

Last updated: November 1, 2022